Specialty Centers and ER

Specialty Centers and ER

When to Consider a Specialty Center
Sometimes pets may require medical attention beyond the scope of routine veterinary care. That’s where specialty centers come in. 

What are Specialty Centers?
Specialty Centers are highly trained specialists focused on more complex areas of animal health. They are often staffed by teams who have undergone additional training and certification in a particular area of pet care.  This allows them to provide advanced diagnostics, treatment options, and surgical procedures for complex medical conditions.

When to Consider a Specialty Center Referral

  • Complex medical conditions: A specialist can provide in-depth evaluation and treatment plans for intricate medical issues.
  • Advanced diagnostics: Specialty centers often have access to cutting-edge technology for precise diagnoses.
  • Specialized surgeries: Certain surgeries require a high level of skill and experience, which a specialist can offer.
  • Ongoing management: For chronic or long-term conditions, a specialist can collaborate with your primary veterinarian to create a comprehensive treatment plan.

We understand that navigating your pet’s healthcare journey can be overwhelming.  If your veterinarian recommends a specialist, our team will work closely with them to ensure your pet receives the best possible care. If you would like a referral to a specialist for your pet, ask your Unleashed Vet at your next visit, or call 812-952-3643.

Public Vet

Helping Pets, Helping Communities: Affordable Cat Spay & Neuter Options At Public Vet
At Unleashed Veterinary Care, we’re dedicated to the health and well-being of all pets in our community. Spaying and neutering are key parts of responsible pet ownership, and they not only support a healthier animal population but also help reduce pet homelessness.

Understanding the Problem of Pet Overpopulation
Uncontrolled pet breeding leads to several community and animal welfare issues, including overcrowding in shelters, as well as more stray cats. Both of these contribute to unwanted litters, and many young animals are either neglected or euthanized due to the lack of homes.

Affordable Cat Spay & Neuter Solutions
We recognize that the cost associated with spaying and neutering can be prohibitive. While Unleashed Veterinary Care does not directly offer low-cost spay and neuter programs, we are thrilled to direct you to our Public Veterinary Service.

About Public Veterinary Service
Public Veterinary Service is a dedicated non-profit organization focused on improving animal well-being in our area. They provide:

  • Reduced-cost Spaying and Neutering: Specializing in cats, helping to make these essential services accessible to all.
  • Educational Outreach: Offering programs that foster responsible pet ownership.
  • Community Collaboration: Working alongside animal control and shelters to tackle the challenge of pet overpopulation.

Learn More About Public Veterinary Service
Visit Public Vet’s website to learn more about its cat spay and neuter services and eligibility. By choosing to spay or neuter your cat through Public Veterinary Service, you are making a responsible choice for your pet at an affordable cost while also contributing to our shared goal of reducing pet homelessness.
Our Collective Goal
Public Veterinary Service and Unleashed Veterinary Care are united in our mission to enhance the quality of life for animals. Together, we’re helping pets and helping communities.