End Of Life Care

End Of Life Care

The most difficult part of having a pet is having to say goodbye. When the time comes to make this difficult decision, we’ll be here for you. We try our best to schedule a time when there aren’t many others in the building to make it as comfortable as possible throughout the entire process.

When you arrive with your pet, we’ll direct you to a room and let you decide if you would like your pet cremated or if you would like a home burial. For cremation, you may choose either private or communal. After signing the proper paperwork, we will then collect payment.

To begin, we will sedate your pet. It will take about 10 minutes for them to completely fall asleep. We will give you your privacy during this time, but don’t worry – we won’t be far if you need anything.

When you are ready, we will take your pet into a separate room for euthanasia. Please note we do not do this in front of you, with no exceptions. This is so that we can provide you and your pet with the most comfortable experience possible.

If you have chosen to do a home burial, we will wrap your pet nicely in a blanket and bring them to your car for you. If you choose to have them privately cremated, our cremation service Pet Angel will return their remains within 7-10 days, and we will call you when they arrive. They will be returned in a very nice wooden urn with flowers engraved on the top and a certificate of cremation. Pet Angel also provides information about grief and the loss of your pet.

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