Veterinary Technician

Growing up on farm in the small town of Memphis, IN, Megan Weisenbach certainly had her fair share of animal interactions. She was especially fond of riding horses. After one particular incident during which one of the horses became injured, Megan watched in awe as the vet stitched him up. It was at that very moment she knew that caring for and working with animals would ultimately be her calling.

Megan attended Harrison College in Indianapolis, where she received her Associates Degree in Veterinary Technology in May of 2017. She remained with the clinic where she’d performed her externship for a few years before joining the Unleashed Veterinary Care team in early 2018. Her favorite thing to do professionally is surgery. She also enjoys puppy visits (though, who doesn’t?!?) and watching our younger patients grow up to become happy, healthy adults.

Outside of the clinic, Megan lives nearby with her own mini-zoo of animals. She is fur-mom to six dogs: Pistol, Shotgun, Chalupa, Sausage, Heifer and Marshmallow. She also owns a standard-bred horse named Redneck, whom she loves to ride, and a pig named Pig who (not surprisingly) loves to eat.

Megan’s hobbies include horseback riding, skiing, hunting, fishing, shooting clay pigeons, and pretty much anything else she can do outdoors.